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August 15, 2008
Ken Haycock and Brooke Sheldon Publish Book: The Portable MLIS

Photo of Dr. Ken HaycockPhoto of Brooke SheldonSLIS Director Dr. Ken Haycock and SLIS faculty member Dr. Brooke E. Sheldon publish The portable MLIS: Insights from the experts, a book that includes chapters by several SJSU School of Library and Information Science faculty in addition to well-known professionals in the LIS field. Below are chapter headings for chapters written by SJSU SLIS faculty.

  • Dr. Christie Miller Koontz: "Marketing - the Driving Force of Your Library"
  • Dr. Linda Main: "Librarians: The Best Googlers in the World"
  • Dr. Arlene G. Taylor: "Organization and Representation of Information/Knowledge"
  • Dr. Judith Weedman: "Information Retrieval: Designing, Querying, and Evaluating Information Systems"

The photo below, left to right, is Ken Haycock, student Scott Hargrove, and Brook Sheldon. Haycock and Sheldon are signing their new book at a dinner event for Exec Cohort IV. Hargrove is a student in the Executive MLIS program, Cohort IV.

Photo of Dr. Ken Haycock

Photo of Dr. Ken HaycockHaycock, K. & Sheldon, B. E. (2008). The portable MLIS: Insights from the experts. Westport, CN: Libraries Unlimited. [ISBN: 1-59158-547-3; ISBN-13: 978-1-59158-547-3]. Available through ABC-CLIO or Amazon.com

From abstract:

Here, experts in several fields of library and information science provide introductions to their areas of expertise, covering the competencies needed by professional librarians. Accessible and comprehensive, The Portable MLIS can serve as both an introduction for the new student and an update for the veteran.

Several faculty are using the Portable MLIS in their course.


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