Course Structure #7

7. (29) Opportunities/tools are provided to encourage student-student collaboration (i.e., web conferencing, instant messaging, etc) if appropriate.

Not Observed      Insufficient      Moderate Use       Meets Criterion Completely

All students have 24/7 access to Collaborate web conferencing to use as needed. They can set up their own sessions via the  the web conferencing button in Blackboard IM. They also have access to Collaborate rooms via classes in Canvas.

Blackboard IM, an instant messaging tool, is available for students to use to connect with the students in their classes and with faculty. 

In addition to encouraging online networking, the school promotes local connections between students who live in the same geographic area through the use of iSchoolAlert. This is a Blackboard product that allows us to send messages to students based on their geographic location. When events are held in a particular city, we use iSchoolAlert to promote the networking opportunities to students and faculty who live within a specified radius (10-100 miles).

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