Student Support #1

1. (43) Before starting an online program, students are advised about the program to determine if they possess the self-motivation and commitment to learn online.

Not Observed      Insufficient       Moderate Use       Meets Criterion Completely

Information about online learning at the School of Information is provided -

The iSchool runs several online open houses throughout the year. See

Online learning is discussed at these sessions including necessary personal attributes as well as web conferencing and using a learning management system.

After students are admitted but before they ever register for classes we aim to connect with prospective students. The objectives include:

1) connect with them while they wait to hear about admissions
Seven-ten days after initial application, contact message sent directing them to the blog and giving contact information for questions

2) increase admission to enrollment
Three-five messages sent at intervals between acceptance and the beginning of classes Messages give information about next steps, registration procedures, and online learning

In addition:
Email communications informing them of upcoming events, school news, and admissions processes.

A custom web page that includes links to relevant content:

A custom blog where we post relevant information and welcome admitted students to submit comments:

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