Student Support #14

14. (56) Students are instructed in the appropriate ways of communicating with faculty and students.

Not Observed      Insufficient      Moderate Use       Meets Criterion Completely

Instructors include contact information, including preferred communication formats such as email, IM, or phone, on course syllabi.

Faculty members are expected to reply to communications within 48 hours and fulfill grading obligations in a timely manner. See Teaching and Communication Expectations in the Minimum Instructional Expectations for All Faculty.

Blackboard IM

Blackboard IM includes several communication tools, including text chat, voice and video chat, whiteboard, and application sharing. All actively enrolled students are required to install and set up Blackboard IM in order to provide a sense of community within classes.

Working in Teams

In LIBR 203 Online Learning: Tools and Strategies for Success (required 1 unit class) students write about their understanding of teamwork in the online environment.

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