Student Support #15

15. (57) The institution provides guidance to both students and faculty in the use of all forms of technologies used for course delivery.

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All new faculty members have a required online training class with the Director for Distance Learning.

Ongoing training is provided in the T3 series of online faculty workshops.

Faculty have direct access to technology support:
Dale David is the iSchool LMS administrator and works with faculty. He oversees a team of student assistants who help faculty with course administration.
Stanley Laufer helps with account set up on Panopto and arranging software licenses.
Randy Cheng provides desktop/laptop support for our virtual distributed faculty using Collaborate and its desktop sharing capabilities.
Browserhawk is used to gather information about the user’s home computing environment in order to facilitate technology support.

All faculty who wish to use Web conferencing for their classes are provided with student support –trained and coordinated by the Director for Distance Learning. Feedback is gathered about the effectiveness of the student support.

Faculty Tech Tips Blog

Faculty Instructional Resources

Canvas Instructor Tutorials
Technology Tutorials from the online Faculty Handbook

Technology Tutorials from the online Faculty Handbook


All students are required to take the one unit Libr 203 class on tools and strategies for success in online learning. The class covers the learning management system; social networking platforms; technology tools and literacy; web conferencing; e-mail discussion lists;

Student Instructional Resources

Canvas Student Tutorials
Student Guide to Using Collaborate (Web conferencing)


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