Student Support #17

17. (59) Students are instructed in the appropriate ways of enlisting help from the program.

Not Observed      Insufficient      Moderate Use      Meets Criterion Completely

A comprehensive list of student resources is provided on the Student Resources Quick Links page. A link to this important list is included in every Canvas course site for convenient access.

All students are enrolled in the Academic Advising site on Canvas. The site contains information about where to get assistance in various areas.

We have an Online Student Advisor who answers student questions and provides information via the advising site in Canvas.

We have a full time Student Services Coordinator who is the primary point of contact for administrative questions and procedures.

Students also have access to the Graduate Advisor who oversees the advising process and answers questions and deals with complaints.
In support of students the Graduate Advisor maintains two blogs and answers questions posted there.

iSchool Curriculum Center blog for all kinds of curriculum information
Advising blog

Each student also has an academic advisor who can act as a point of help.

Web based help (Ways of finding help is embedded into the appropriate content. If e.g the student needs help registering, that information is found with registration information)



Full technology support information is provided in the Technology Help Resource Center, a page that organizes all technology support information for the school.

Faculty Response Time to Students

Within 48 hours to answer questions.
The Minimum Instructional Expectations for All Faculty.

See: Standard 4. Interaction and Collaboration


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