Student Support #7

7. (49) Students have access to effective academic, personal, and career counseling.

Not Observed      Insufficient      Moderate Use      Meets Criterion Completely

Academic Advising and Problem Support

Each student has an academic advisor and is automatically joined to the advising site in Canvas.

We have an Online Student Advisor who answers student questions and provides information via the advising site in Canvas.

Students also have access to the Graduate Advisor who oversees the advising process.
In support of students the Graduate Advisor maintains two blogs:

iSchool Curriculum Center blog for all kinds of curriculum information
Advising blog

An advising FAQ is kept current.

Career Support

The iSchool has a career center liaison dedicated to iSchool. She is available to answer questions and provide career support.
She also runs a career blog for students.

The iSchool also provides:
Career development resources
Career development webcasts
Collaborate career development workshops first Wednesday of the month series

Physical or Learning Disability

If a student has a learning disability they can register with the Accessible Education Center (AEC) which works with online students.

Writing Support

The iSchool provides writing tutoring support for its online students:

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