Technology Support #3

3 A centralized system provides support for building and maintaining the online education infrastructure.

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The School of Information is in a unique position in that it independently maintains many of its own in-house systems as well as its own contracts with service providers for outsourced systems.

For the most part, the School independently maintains the technology infrastructure and support infrastructure for its program. The majority of the School's technology infrastructure, both in-house and outsourced, falls under the management responsibilities of a single team of individuals at the School. All decision making for the School's IT and support infrastructures falls under the purview of this team.

Although the School of Information is jointly involved with the University with regards to the Learning Management System (Canvas), the School maintains a separate, self-contained support infrastructure for Canvas. All student and faculty support issues are routed to the School's Canvas administrators through an online technical support form. Information is gathered from the user regarding the issue they are experiencing, as well as detailed information regarding their computing and networking environment. Users also frequently include screenshots to document the issue(s) they are experiencing. (All students are instructed on how to create screenshots as part of their orientation in INFO 203).

For major system issues or bugs, the School's Canvas administrators have access to the support group at Canvas and may contact them via phone or ticketing system to report or escalate major issues.

Support for Blackboard Collaborate (Web Conferencing and Instant Messaging) is provided by a team of “Collaborate Assistants” who have been trained to support faculty and students with Collaborate setup and usage questions and issues. These assistants also provide real-time support during synchronous class sessions held via Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing. In the event of unexpected issues that are beyond the assistant’s capacity to support, an escalation procedure is in place where the assistant can contact the School's IT staff as well as the School's Director of Online Learning via phone for additional assistance.

Our contract with Blackboard Collaborate also allows students to directly contact the Blackboard Collaborate Support team via phone, live chat, or trouble ticket. Information for contacting Blackboard Collaborate Support is included on the School's website.

For major system issues or questions, the School has a support and maintenance contract which allows our IT staff to escalate issues to Blackboard Collaborate Tier 2 and Tier 3 support. Tier 2 support is handled by application specialists, and Tier 3 support is handled by system engineers and developers.

The School of Information has licensed the Panopto Focus lecture capture system (LCS), and has obtained a premier support contract which allows faculty and students to directly contact Panopto Support for issues or questions.

For in-house systems, support requests are routed through the School's system administrator. For emergency requests or support issues, the School's system administrator is available by phone 24/7.

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