Corporate information centers exist in many businesses, and the larger the business, the more likely they are to have some type of information center or library. 

Types of industries which generally have some type of library or information center:

  • Financial services & insurance
  • Research-intensive companies
  • Life sciences, pharmaceutical
  • Physical sciences & engineering
  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Consulting companies

The list of divisions within the Special Libraries Association (SLA) shows the diversity of opportunity. Keep in mind that some of the fastest growing divisions are competitive intelligence and taxonomy, which are not tied to any particular industry.

Solo librarians are common in special libraries, and they have their own SLA division, though most will belong to other divisions also. It can be challenging to work in an organization where there is only one information professional reporting to someone who may have limited knowledge of the information professional's value.

Particularly in the private sector, library and information services may be virtual rather than bricks-and-mortar. Multinational companies typically have teams around the world to support, so their information specialists may be able to live and work anywhere with an internet connection.

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Organization Position Location Responsibilities Qualifications Salary
Analysis Group:
Associate Research Specialist
Boston, MA
Identify, track, and maintain leads in support of new business; Research, retrieve, and summarize information to support legal and marketing departments Bachelor's degree; 4-6 years of professional experience; MLIS preferred; Expertise with corporate, legal databases Not stated
Corporate Intelligence Analyst
Salt Lake City, UT
Conduct research and analysis on markets, competitors, and trends to identify business development opportunities; Recommend business development & marketing strategies Bachelor's degree; MLIS preferred; 5 years experience in research role; Knowledge of ecommerce industry Not stated
Occidental Petroleum Corporation:
Electronic Records Analytics Analyst
Houston, TX
Ensure efficiency of information flow and documentation; Design and promote training programs; Develop outreach; Contribute content to Records Mgmt website Bachelor's degree; MLIS preferred; 5 years in Records Mgmt; Technology background; Certification in Records Management preferred Not stated
Pricewaterhouse Coopers:
Information Risk Management Experienced Associate
San Francisco, CA
Assist clients in developing and implementing effective global information risk management compliance programs Bachelor's degree; MLIS and Bachelor's in Computer Science preferred; 1 year related experience; Certified Records Manager preferred; Knowledge of best practices for implementing information risk management programs Not stated
Publix Market:
Digital Asset Manager
Lakeland, FL
Implement and manage a digital assets policy; Manage the evaluation and administration of company's digital asset rights; Train associates on DAM system Bachelor's degree in Library Science; MLIS preferred; 3 years in DAM administration or related field $57,005 - 85,865

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