Self Assessment: Eureka

While there are many online self-assessment tools, the SJSU Career Center provides free access to Eureka for current students and registered alumni. Eureka is an online tool used for career research and to explore your interests, skills and personality characteristics.

Log onto:

Go to: Create Account
Students/Clients of Subscribing EUREKA sites

Enter Eureka site ID code: KDVZYFL

Set up your account by filling out the Personal Information screen.

When your login name and password are accepted, click “submit.”

Select Self Assessment and click on any one of the 3 options:

  • Choose True Colors to explore your personality characteristics
  • Choose Micro Skills to discover your transferable skills
  • Choose Occ-u-Sort to identify your unique interests

You can save your results to access at a later time or print your results. We recommend printing your results and using a highlighter pen to identify similarities between your results from each of the three self-assessment options. Hopefully you will see the same or very similar words in your printout summaries, and that will start to create a bigger picture for you of how your key skills, interest areas, and personality characteristics intersect. By identifying the similarities, you can use them as a guide when considering courses and LIS career directions to determine if your key skills, interest areas, and personality characteristics would match.

If you also conducted the self-assessment reflection activity, consider looking at the results from both self-assessments together. Do they paint a picture of the kind of work you'd like to do, the clients and colleagues you wish to work with, and the skill sets you would like to use?

This might be a good time for you to contact your iSchool academic advisor, or another faculty member, to talk about course selection and career options going forward.

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