Using Career e-Portfolios for the Job Search

Using a career e-portfolio in your job search is one more way you can showcase your skills and abilities to prospective employers. Whether or not you completed the INFO 289 e-portfolio class, you can still create a career e-portfolio targeted to your job search, which can give you a competitive edge over other equally qualified candidates.

Having a concise, easy to read, polished, and professional online career e-portfolio can give you a competitive edge, strengthen your job search, and help you land an interview. E-portfolios allow you to:

  • demonstrate your ability to effectively utilize and embrace innovative ideas and technology,
  • highlight relevant major coursework,  projects, and experience that demonstrate your skill development for a specific job,
  • represent yourself and your skills in a lively, interactive, attractive format with examples of real work,
  • showcase your understanding of how you can apply what you have learned to a specific position.

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