Getting Started on Your Career e-Portfolio

Many iSchool students enroll in INFO 289 or MARA 289 and create e-portfolios to demonstrate their mastery of the Core Competencies of our profession. While they are strong academic products, and are often text-and content-rich, they are not particularly appropriate as a focused job search tool. However, an INFO 289 or MARA 289 e-portfolio can serve as an excellent starting point for relevant information and projects that you can tailor to a specific job focus and present in your career e-portfolio.

There is no one right way to create your career e-portfolio. What you choose to include and how you choose to express your skills and qualifications is up to you. Digital portfolios can include a wide range of content, but it should all be tailored to and focused on the job you are applying for. Below is a list of some content options to consider including. Don’t use ALL of these categories. These are simply listed as a guide.

  • Profile with contact information
  • Objective
  • Background / Professional Philosophy
  • Education – can include related coursework, projects, and other training
  • Computer / Technical Skills and Capabilities
  • Experience / Work History
  • Volunteer Work / Community Service
  • Interests / Specializations
  • Educational / Professional Presentations / Publications
  • Professional Affiliations
  • Professional Development / Conferences / Workshops
  • Awards and Certificates
  • Employer, Faculty, Peer Comments/ Recommendations

Please Note: Do NOT include examples of your work that may be private or proprietary or that include the names of other people who have not given prior permission to be included in your career e-portfolio.

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