Interviewing is a skill, and with preparation and practice you can get through even the toughest interview questions. Follow these 10 tips for interviewing success:

1. Practice, practice, practice.
2. Learn from each and every interview experience.
3. Ask yourself, "What did I do well?" and "What can I improve on for next time?"
4. Keep a record of the interview questions you get asked to use for practice for future interviews.
5. Start and keep an interviewing file of practice questions, your answers, and tips you learn along the way.
6. Use this file to also track interview history — including the names, titles, and contact information of the people who interviewed you, because they can be a valuable networking resource.
7. Identify your top 3-5 personal attributes that make you valuable to an employer.
8. Research companies and positions before you interview to be knowledgeable about who you are interviewing with and how you fit the position.
9. Be prepared, dress professionally, and make a positive lasting impression.
10. Always have questions prepared to ask the employer at the interview.
11. Follow-up with a professional "thank you" email or hand written note.

For detailed information on how to interview like a pro, review the <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" _blank"=""> Interviewing Workshop iSchool Webcast. This 55 minute webcast addresses the complete interview process — from what is an interview, how to prepare, what are the stages, and how to answer challenging questions to strategies for success and important tips to remember.

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