Target Your Job Search

In order to conduct a successful and targeted job search, you need to have a clear focus. This includes knowing yourself — your unique skills, interests, and abilities. This also includes knowing what type of LIS position you are seeking — what function/type of work you find interesting, what setting/environment you want to work in, and what client/ type of people you would like to work with. If you have not taken the time to identify your focus, consider going back to the Career Direction pages and spending time in the Self Assessment section to get clarity before continuing in your job search.

Assuming you have taken inventory and know yourself well and have a clear focus, use the links below to learn how other information professionals have found their way in the LIS field. As you review these resources, think about:

  • Does this type of work sound like a good fit for me?
  • Would I like to do this work?
  • Do I have the skills to do this type of work?
  • If not, what could I do to gain these skills and make myself more marketable?

Read on to discover where you might fit —

  • Meet…Our Students, Faculty, and Alumni Read about some of our students, faculty, and alumni who are making a difference in their communities using their LIS degrees.
  • The "Bunheads are Dead"; Discovering high tech, high touch opportunities in Library and Information Science.
  • Learn about  emerging trends [PDF: 31 pages] and job titles in LIS to identify new ways to use your degree.
  • Research the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook to thoroughly understand the LIS industry, wages, job outlook, projections, and much more.
  • Review panel discussions at Student Resources - CLA Career Workshops. Browse a variety of topics such as:
    • What's It Like in Our World?
    • Why Children's Librarianship Prepares You For Anything!
    • Is a Ph.D. for You?
    • Management: From Grinder to Minder
  • Review a variety of career information sessions at Student Resources - Career Resources. Topics include:
    • LISSTEN/Alumni Career Fair (2009)
    • Fall 2008 Career Fair
    • Spring 2008 Career Fair
    • Life After MLIS: Job Panel
    • Careers Path Workshop
    • Federal Government Careers
    • Law Librarianship Overview
    • Correctional Librarianship Overview
    • County of LA Recruitment
    • Spring 2008 Job Search Blast Off

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