INFO 284 Course Information

Seminar in Archives and Records Management
Topic: Incunabula and Early Printing
Course Information

Dr. Linda Main

The term incunabula (or "cradle books") denotes books printed before 1500, including broadsheets, or other typographical products printed from letterpresses composed of movable type.

Due to the developments in web based technologies we can erase not only the time separating us from the 15th-century, but also the distance separating us from the physical collections as well as the restrictions of library schedules, by studying incunabula from where we sit, or from wherever we carry a mobile digital communication device.

This is a 2 unit (8 week class) in which we will examine:

  • The development of printing
  • The printing processes used during the period of the incunabula
  • The incunabula printers including geographical distribution and examples of their work
  • The economic realities of the time
  • A layout of an early printing shop
  • How to date and value incunabulae
  • Web based incunabulae collections in libraries