INFO 246 Course Information

Information Technology Tools and Applications — Advanced
Topics: Web Frameworks with Bootstrap (1 unit)
Course Information

Steve Perry

Course Information

Setting up a Web Framework with Bootstrap using video demonstrations and examples to illustrate the functionality.  Course covers implementing Navigation and Images, Forms and Tables, the customization of web sites within the Bootstrap framework to create a Responsive Web site that displays well in mobile devices as well as in desktop browsers.

Note: Students will need to have a knowledge of HTML5 and CSS as obtained in INFO 240 -or equivalent experience

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of various classes that are used to implement a web site with Bootstrap.
  2. Analyze the requirements of a computer web application and, using Bootstrap, implement the steps needed for a correct solution. 

MLIS Core Competencies

  • H.  Demonstrate proficiency in identifying, using, and evaluating current and emerging information and communication technologies.