Web Based Information Science Education (WISE)

What is WISE?

Web–based Information Science Education (WISE) is a unique opportunity for SJSU School of Information students to take online learning courses from other ALA accredited U.S. and Canadian schools and some schools from other countries. This expands the range of specialized classes available to SJSU iSchool students.

Member schools excel in providing high quality education in library and information science and are committed to online learning through collaboration. See the current list of WISE Schools. WISE received the 2008 American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC) National Award for Excellence in Education.

Becoming a WISE Student

WISE students can enroll in online courses offered through WISE member schools. Students who wish to take a WISE course will register for the appropriate number of credits of LIBR 298. Please note:

  • Prerequisite: Completion of LIBR 200, 202 and 204; good academic status (not on academic probation)
  • A maximum of 6 units of LIBR 298 can be applied toward completion of the MLIS degree.
  • LIBR 298 is graded as CR/NC (Credit/No Credit). To earn a grade of CR, students must earn a C or better in their WISE class. A grade of C- or lower will result in a grade of NC for LIBR 298.

SJSU iSchool students who are interested in enrolling in a WISE class should apply by submitting the online WISE Course Request Application form linked below to Debbie Faires.


Fall Semester

  •     April 10: List of WISE course offerings posted to the iSchool site
  •     April 10 - 24: Students may apply to be WISE participants for Fall 2014
  •     April 24: Form closes
  •     April 25: All applicants will be notified by e-mail with results

Summer 2014

  • February 21: List of WISE course offerings posted to the iSchool site
  • February 21 – March 6: Students may apply to be WISE participants for Summer 2014 by filling out the WISE Request Application form.
  • March 6: Form closes
  • March 10: All applicants will be notified by e-mail of results.

Only a limited number of spots are available for WISE classes. Not all requests can be granted. Students who participate must be flexible and willing to adjust to the schedule, course management system, and online environment of the host school. A good candidate for a spot in a WISE course is a self–motivated, disciplined student who is comfortable with technology and can adapt well to change.


Students will register for LIBR 298 for the number of units specified. They will pay the same tuition/fees they normally pay per unit.

Important Note for Students Planning to Complete a Thesis

If you are planning to take LIBR 299 (Thesis) as part of your program, you can only have 6 units in total between LIBR 298 and LIBR 299. If taking LIBR 289 (e-portfolio) you can have up to 6 units of LIBR 298 as well as LIBR 289. Therefore, if you are planning to write a thesis, you will probably not want to enroll in this LIBR 298 project since the credits could not be applied toward your degree.

WISE Class Offerings: Past Semesters


Questions about our WISE participation should be directed to Debbie Faires.