WISE Class Offerings Summer 2015


  • March 3: Courses posted; 
  • March 3 - 15 Students may apply to be WISE participants for Summer 2015 by filling out the WISE course request form.
  • March 15: Form closes
  • March 17: Students notified
WISE classes approved for iSchool students for Summer 2015
Course Title Host University Course Number Instructor Additional Information
Designing Spaces for Learning Charles Sturt University INF536 Ewan McIntosh 3 Credit Hours
Electronic Health Records The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 725 Laura Marcial 3 Credit Hour
Human Information Interactions The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 500 Ruth Palmquist 3 Credit Hour
Information Services Around the World Charles Sturt University INF452 Dr Kim Thompson 3 Credit Hour
Publishing, Knowldg Inst & Society: E-Revolutions? The University of Wisconsin - Madison SLIS LIS 640 Dorothea Salo 3 Credit Hours



See general information about taking WISE classes For further questions, contact Debbie Faires.