Completing the MARA Candidacy Approval Form

Candidacy Approval Form. The requirements for completing this form are fairly strict. Following the instructions below will help you successfully complete the form and avoid the delays and problems associated with needing to resubmit it. You can view a sample completed form [PDF]. You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and complete this form online. The best thing to do is to download the Adobe Software that is free to students.

  1. OPEN the

    Candidacy Approval Form.

  2. Do a FILE/SAVE AS to your computer desktop, and rename as follows: [YOURLASTNAME_YOURFIRSTNAME_STUDENTIDNUMBER].pdf.
  3. Open this file from your desktop and, using Adobe Reader, TYPE directly into the form you see displayed on your computer screen.

Top Section of Form
Candidacy Form

  1. Last Name/First Name, etc. — Click in the area marked “Last Name” and type in your last name. Complete the rest of this section by moving to each field and clicking in the area where you wish to type.
  2. Date, Degree, and Plan
    • Date — Type in the date when you are filling out the form.
    • Degree — Click on the drop down box and select “MARA”.
    • Leave the Degree Major and Concentration boxes blank.
    • Plan — Click on drop down box. Select the “B) Non-Thesis” box
  3. Competency in Written English and Change of Classification
    • Competency in Written English — type in “MARA 200” and then the semester you completed that course.
    • Change of Classification, Previous College Degree etc. — Leave these blank as per example.


Courses Within the Department (Section A)

When listing your courses, follow the format in the example below. List all of the MARA courses that you have taken or that you plan on taking. Be sure to list semester units, grades received, and the semester it was or will be completed. List the classes in order taken, not numerically.  For future classes, leave the Grade blank, but fill in the Semester Completed and Semester Units.

Section A
Candidacy Form

  • List 13 classes in this section. List your Culminating Experience course (MARA 289) in Section B below; do not list it here. The course grades listed on the candidacy form must result in an overall GPA of at least 3.0 (B). Students who carry an "Incomplete" grade will not be permitted to apply for candidacy.
  • If you have taken LIBR or INFO courses, list them in section A along with the MARA courses in order taken.
  • List only the classes that have a grade of C or higher. Do not list any classes with a grade of C- or below. If a student gets a C or better, it will count towards the degree. If a student gets a C- or lower, that class cannot be used on the Graduate Candidacy application or counted toward the degree. Instead, the student will have to take another class in substitution to get up to 42 units.
  • Use the titles on your transcript or MySJSU class list.  You can also find course titles on MARA's Course Descriptions web page.


Culminating Experience (Section B)

In this section, you need to list how you intend on fulfilling the culminating requirement, MARA 289. Fill in MARA under “Department.” Check the second box and list “289”. Be sure to list the units and semester in the columns on the right, but do not list a grade.

Section B
Candidacy Form


Courses in Other Departments (Section C)

  1. Leave this section blank.

Bottom Section of Form
Candidacy Form Bottom Section


Transfer Courses (Section D)

  1. Leave this section blank.
  2. Total Units — Fill in the number of units for Sections A and B. The total units section will automatically fill in. You should have 42 units.


Required Signatures

  1. Signature — Type your name and the date on the Student Signature and Date lines. Leave all other signatures blank. The iSchool office will obtain the other necessary signatures before sending your form to Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations (GAPE).
  • Proofread carefully to be sure you have correctly completed all the requested information.
  • Save to your own computer/desktop; save file as [YOURLASTNAME_YOURFIRSTNAME_STUDENTIDNUMBER].pdf.
  • Make sure to upload your Candidacy Form to the appropriate Canvas drop box in the iSchool Advising and Administration site before the GAPE deadlines.
  • iSchool staff will print a hardcopy of your form, review it, obtain signatures, and deliver it to the GAPE office.

GAPE takes at least a couple of months to properly evaluate your candidacy petition. They will notify you if your candidacy petition has been approved or denied through the mail, e-mail, and under “Other Indicators” on My SJSU. Make sure MySJSU has your correct and current e-mail and mailing addresses. The School of Information has no information as to the status of your candidacy application; please do not contact the iSchool for this information.