Adding and Dropping Classes

Students need to pay careful attention to Add and Drop deadlines each semester. 

For Regular Session students, these dates are posted on the SJSU Registrar Calendar for spring or fall. For Special Session students, the last day to add is 14 days after the first day of the semester in spring and fall. Special Session students should abide by the drop deadline given to Regular Session students on the calendar above. The drop deadline is not the same as the refund deadline. See the refund policy.

An optional 10-week summer session is offered in special session (and available to regular and special students). It is run by College of International and Extended Studies (CIES). Contact CIES for summer drop add/ drop deadlines.   See refund information.

Open Registration

Before classes actually begin, current students add and drop classes using the MySJSU web site at No permission codes are needed during this "open registration" period. For more information and for dates, read our iSchool Registration Process.

Late Registration

Late Registration begins on the first official day of the semester. For Regular Session students, late registration end dates are posted on the SJSU Registrar Calendar . For Special Session students, late Registration ends 14 days after the first day of the semester in spring or fall. CIES sets the deadline for late registration in summer session.


The School of Information does not allow auditing of its classes

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