How Do I Clear the Java Cache?

How do I clear the Java cache in Windows 7/8/10


Most Collaborate users should follow these instructions: Clear the Launcher's Java cache


If you have opened your Collaborate session using Bb IM, see the numbered instructions below.

  1. Open Java Control Panel:
    1. In Windows Explorer (or File Explorer), paste the following directory path in Windows Explorer’s path box and click Enter – C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Java\Configure Java
    2. For Mac OS X: Apple icon – System Preferences – Java icon

    Open Java Control Panel

    Open Java Control Panel

  2. Click on the Settings… button. The Temporary Files Settings dialogue box will be opened.

    Click Settings button

    Optional configuration:
    While you are here, may as well change the Disk Space to 100MB so that you will no longer have to perform this cache clearing task until Java updates change the size of the Disk Space back to the huge size again.
    Configuring the size to 100MB here will prevent many Java caching issues because cache will be refreshed frequently. In this setting, old cache data will be replaced / recycled by new cache data often.

  3. Click on the Delete Files… button, select the first two items and click OK to the delete files / to clear the cache.

    Click on Delete Files