Group Meetings

Scheduling Group Meetings

Would you like to use Collaborate to meet with other students? You have 2 options for setting up your own group meetings:

  • You may launch a Collaborate session through Blackboard IM and invite your group members to the session. Students may launch Collaborate sessions using the Conference button in Blackboard IM (see details about how to do this). Additional information on using this feature is available in the Blackboard IM User Guide in the chapter labeled "Using Web Conferencing".
  • You may use one of two student rooms that have been set up for your class. In Canvas, find the iSchool Collaborate link in the left menu and see the links for "Student Room 1" and "Student Room 2."  Use the Moderator link if you wish to use moderator tools such as uploading a PowerPoint or starting a recording. Note that others in your class will have access to any recordings you make in either of these shared rooms. 

Moderator status is needed for the following tasks:

  • upload a PowerPoint
  • start/stop recordings (recording cannot be paused in sessions that are set to automatically record)
  • conduct a "Web Tour" (open browser window on participants' computers)
  • transfer files to participants
  • make other participants moderators
  • create a new, blank screen on the whiteboard
  • application sharing

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