Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing


  1. Get a headset or microphone. A headset/microphone combination is best. Read more about recommended equipment. Plug in your headset and proceed to step #2.
  2. Install the Collaborate Launcher.   The Collaborate Launcher is software that you must install on your local computer in order to join Collaborate sessions and view Collaborate recordings.
  3. Go to the Configuration Room (v. 12.6 US-SAS) on the Blackboard Collaborate Checking System Requirements page (see step #2 on the page). You'll test your audio here. Be sure your microphone is plugged in.
  4. Review the What to Expect when Connecting to Blackboard Collaborate guide.

Having problems getting connected? Check the FAQ first, then contact Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support at 1 (877) 382-2293. Alternatively, you may also conduct a 'Live Chat' session with a support technician, or submit a support ticket, by visiting the Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support site.

If Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support is unable to assist you with your problem, then please complete and submit the iSchool Technical Support Form.

How things work

  1. View, download or print out the Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Guides:
    • Blackboard Collaborate Getting Started for Participants Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  2. View the Web Conferencing Participant Orientation (Video - 7 minutes). 
  3. Students with accessibility needs may wish to review the Accessibility Guide for Participants (HTML) or Accessibility Guide for Participants (PDF).

Additional information for participants can be found in the Blackboard Collaborate On-Demand Learning Center.

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