Application Software

Please note that the School requires that all incoming students have software as follows:

  • Microsoft Office Suite 2010 or newer (Also see Microsoft Office and Pricing)
  • Web browsers:   Student should be prepared to work with multiple Web browsers.   Links to browser requirements for specific systems are included below.   Additional requirements may be imposed on a per-class basis by the instructor in cases where other online resources are utilized:
    • MySJSU:   The MySJSU Sign In page will detect your current browser.   If you are using an unsupported browser, you will be notified.
    • Canvas:  See the Canvas Supported Browser page for complete information on supported browsers.
    • Blackboard Collaborate:   See the Collaborate System Requirements page for complete information on supported configurations.
    • WebData Pro   All current Web browsers are supported.
  • Adobe Reader v. X or XI (Adobe Reader XI is strongly recommended)
  • Adobe Flash Player (Latest version)
  • Microsoft Silverlight (Mac and Windows)
  • QuickTime (see Instructions for Downloading QuickTime)
  • Blackboard IM (aka Blackboard Collaborate Enterprise IM): Students are required to download and install the Blackboard IM client software.

    First you must activate your Blackboard IM account (Blackboard Collaborate - IM Getting Started). Then you may download the Blackboard IM client software by logging into the Web portal at: Blackboard IM Sign In page

Web Browsers and Cookies

Please make sure that your web browser is configured to accept cookies. Several iSchool server programs require the usage of cookies in order to function correctly.