Microsoft Office and Pricing

Academic Pricing

The Microsoft Office Suite for Windows and Mac OS is available to students through various vendors at a discounted academic price. You will be purchasing both the installation media as well as licensing for the product.

  • Microsoft has various editions that include the core products you will need (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). These editions include:  Home and Student, Home and Business, Standard, Professional, Professional Plus, and Professional Academic.
  • Some Office 365 subscription plans provide access to a desktop Office suite which includes the most current versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  If you choose to use Office 365 as your primary resource, then please make sure that you obtain a subscription plan which includes access to the desktop applications.   As of July 2013, Microsoft offers the Office 365 University edition at educational pricing for students ($79.95 for 4 years).
  • Online vendors through which you can purchase Microsoft Office at academic pricing. (This list is provided as a convenience only; there are other educational pricing vendors.):