School of Information Blogs

Overview of iSchool Blogs

A blog or weblog is a Web-based tool that allows the blog owner to quickly publish commentary and other material on the Web in a journal format. The blog displays postings from authors in reverse chronological order. If the blog owner permits it, anyone can join the conversation and contribute a comment (response). No knowledge of HTML programming is required. Some blogs are password restricted and only those in the targeted group have access.

How to Subscribe to a Blog

You can choose to visit the blog periodically to see the latest postings. Or, you can subscribe to the blog feed through your browser. See RSS Explained for details and tutorials on using RSS.

iSchool Blogs

  • iSchool Curriculum Center Blog – This blog is managed by Associate Director Dr. Linda Main and discusses curriculum developments such as new courses and scheduling, important registration news and updates, and everything current students need to know.
  • Career Blog – The Career Blog is a must-read for job seekers. Jill Klees, SJSU Career Center Liaison to iSchool, posts answers to your career-related questions.
  • Colloquia Blog – Information about iSchool Colloquia and links to webcasts.
  • Virtual Center for Archives and Records Administration (VCARA) Blog – Information about virtual world events sponsored by VCARA on iSchool Island in Second Life is posted to this blog managed by Dr. Patricia Franks.
  • Archives & Records Administration (MARA) Blog – This blog is intended for prospective and current Master's in Archives and Records Administration (MARA) students, MARA faculty, and all colleagues interested in Archives, Records Administration, Information Governance, and related fields. This blog is administered by Dr. Patricia Franks.
  • iStudent Blog – This blog is designed for our students, as well as applicants to our school’s graduate programs. A current student hosts the blog and provides resources, strategies, tips, and advice for students.
  • Center for Information Research and Innovation (CIRI) Blog – SJSU iSchool faculty post on a variety of topics concerning their research projects.

Get Important General iSchool News Info Via RSS

Consider subscribing to the iSchool News & Announcements feed, which is a limited selection of email sent to all students via the iSchoolAlert notification system. The feed has the textual content of general interest messages distributed via iSchoolAlert. As a student, you are automatically a member of iSchoolAlert, but you may want to also subscribe to the limited RSS feed below.