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Dr. Pat Franks, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator Pat-Franks

Dr. Patricia C. Franks is Program Coordinator for the Master's Degree in Archives and Records Administration. Her research interests lie in archives, records management, and emerging technologies. She has presented at numerous conferences on a variety of topics, including social media, information governance, and virtual internships. Her work in virtual worlds has resulted in the creation of the Virtual Center for Archives and Records Administration (VCARA) on iSchool Island.

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  Katie Kuryla, Blog Editor

  Katie is a MARA student whose background is in legal records. Katie is passionate about archives and preservation and is eager to build on her academic founations in the MARA program within the pop-culture and arts community. As an avid reader of articles, she likes to keep the blog up to date on current situations regarding Archives and Records Administration. She is the MARA Student Assistant for the 2017-2019 academic year.

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