How to Create Career Spotlight

Hello iSchool GraduateCongratulations on completing your MLIS or MARA degree! Now that you have completed your degree, we hope that you will be interested in sharing your work stories and successes with other alumni and current students by completing an Alumni Career Spotlight page.

The purpose of the Alumni Career Spotlights is to help current students and graduates understand more about the world of jobs open to those with MLIS or MARA degrees, and the relevant skills they can develop within their iSchool degree program through different courses, networking, and internships.  These pages also provide a mechanism for you - our alumni - to be mentors at different levels of commitment - through posting your information as a Career Spotlight only, through answering an occasional question via a protected email address, through brief informational interviews by email or phone, etc.

The idea is not to duplicate LinkedIn alumni groups, but to show that yes, we DO have graduates and they have real (and varied and interesting) jobs, and that many of our alumni are open to connecting as a “real world” resource with current students and other alumni.

We thank you very much for your input and help!

If you have any questions about the iSchool Alumni Career Spotlights,
please contact Derek Christiansen.