Community Profiles

Lifelong Library Advocate Hadiya Evans is Denver Public Libraries' Employee of the Year

“It was an honor to be considered among the 12 nominees. It matters when your peers sit down to write a letter about you. I’m very humbled by it.”
Hadiya Evans
MLIS student
Denver, Colorado

Kayla Marie Figard: A Visionary For Youth Services

“Leadership is enabling and inspiring others to come up with great ideas and do great work. It’s not about me, it’s about us as a whole.”
Kayla Marie Figard
Community Program Specialist, Belmont Library

Canadian Student Simon Lum Thinks Globally and Acts Locally

“My goal is to use my skills and knowledge to build on my past successes and experiences, and to play a vital role in supporting and affecting positive change in my communities—locally and globally.”
Simon Lum

iSchool Lecturer Patty Wong Transforms Communities, One Grant at a Time

“I should call it community-engaged grant writing. That’s the critical difference between how I teach grant writing and how others do it. I really do want to have a positive impact on a whole community.”

Scholarships, Internships and Conferences—Oh My!

“I just like information… Ever since I started reading, I wanted to know, and to share information. I enjoy helping other people find the information that they need.”
Emily Agunod
Chesterfield, Virginia