Community Profiles

Melissa Solis Connects the Dots: Library, Literacy and Community
Sylvia Aguiñaga Brings Digital Literacy to the Masses

“Our world is increasingly run by software, and we need more diversity in the people who are building it.”
Sylvia Cecilia Aguiñaga
East Hollywood, California
MLIS Student, Expected Graduation May 2016

Career Changer Darren Ilett Builds a Model for Success

“The thing that draws me to libraries,” says iSchool student Darren Ilett, “is the focus on service and making a positive impact for whatever communities we serve. And the emphasis on education.”

iSchool Scholarship Season

At SJSU, it’s scholarship season, the time for students to research and apply for fall scholarship and grant assistance, and there are plenty of ways for the whole iSchool community to p

Student Chris Magnusson Garners Grant Funds for Newspaper Preservation Project

Student Chris Magnusson learned the second time’s the charm when a grant application she wrote garnered $1,000 in funding to help a public library preserve its collection of local newspapers.