Community Profiles

Post Master’s Certificate Student Presents on Book to Action Program at CLA Conference

“This program has given me the opportunity to do something that I have always wanted to do in a structured way and also provided me with the framework for my sabbatical project.”

Anthony Lin
Librarian, Irvine Valley College
Irvine, CA

iSchool Student and Artist Dedicates Herself to Cultivating the Relationship Between the Arts and Information Sciences

I looked at the way that Winnipeg artists gather and encounter information and found that artists and scientists have more overlap than many people would guess.

Lou Kramer’s 21st Century Archival Education

“I never knew what the standards were, and now I understand more what needs to be done. I can take my knowledge and apply it to our collections and make sure we’re doing what we need to be doing.”
Lou Kramer

Kate Dillon: On Cybersecurity and Being WISE

Kate Dillon had a dream: to be a full-time MLIS student.

Student Lauren Reid Finds Niche with Digital Asset Management Job at Tech Firm

Being active in a SLIS student group led student Lauren Reid to the job she started in May, managing digital assets for a high-tech company.