Community Profiles

Talking TechSoup for Libraries with Alumna Ginny Mies

“I love doing the research and finding librarians who have done a really amazing project...

Baby Steps: Librarians and Reading Readiness

“I’m passionate about this, and that makes all the difference. I love what I do, and it’s so important for children. It’s been a really good experience, and so worthwhile.”
R. Lynn Baker
Frankfort, Kentucky

Jill Klees Wants You to Land Your LIS Dream Job

“Career development is a passion of mine.”
Jill Klees
SJSU iSchool Career Counselor
San José, California

iSchool Student Helps Craft New LIS Textbook

Not too long ago, iSchool student Elaine Hall responded to an email query requesting a research assistant and was hired to work with Dr. Sandra Hirsh, iSchool director.

Student Tony Brooke Blazes Trail in Defining Entertainment Industry Metadata Standards

Student Tony Brooke’s work as an audio engineer gave him a front-row seat to observe changes in the music and other entertainment industries in recent years, including the technology used to record, store and share media.