Community Profiles

Student Lindsay Davis Completes Library of Congress Fellowship

SLIS student Lindsay Davis spent her summer as a Junior Fellow at the Library of Congress, identifying publication information for the cataloguing of one of the legendary Spanish playwrights of the Golden Age.

Student Kathy Elliott Wins MLA Scholarship

Kathy Elliott started the MLIS program in Spring 2010 and is already off to an auspicious beginning to her library career after winning the 2010 Medical Library Association (MLA) scholarship.

Student Young-Soon Kwon Reaches Out to Her Multicultural Community

When Young-Soon Kwon emigrated to the U.S. from Korea in 1990, she never thought to use her local public library to help gain her footing in her new home. Years went by before she finally stopped in, and Kwon quickly realized what she had been missing.

Student Lizeth Legaspi Reaches Out to Recent Immigrants

At age 19, Lizeth Legaspi had recently moved to the U.S. from Mexico and was taking ESL classes at a local community college while working part-time at the public library in Calexico, a small California town along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Student Nick Velkavrh Wins CLA Reference Fellowship

Velkavrh, who is in his first year in the MLIS program at SLIS, has known he’s wanted to be a reference librarian since he started working in the library during his sophomore year at Occidental College in Los Angeles.