Community Profiles

Student Kimberly Price Develops Instruction Skills by Working as D2L Trainer

Student Kimberly Price hopes to work as an instructional librarian, and she’s gaining valuable experience that will help her achieve that goal by training SLIS faculty on the new Desire2Learn (D2L) online learning platform.

Alum Pam Okosun Investigated YA Needs in Public Libraries as Part of Grant-Funded Research Team

Alum Pam Okosun worked with Associate Professor Anthony Bernier’s grant-funded research team to discover how to design and build Young Adult (YA) spaces in public libraries.

Student Andrew Carlos Presents at Conferences to Share Technology Ideas

Student Andrew Carlos is on a mission to bring new technologies into librarianship.

Student Brenda Sevingy-Killen Transitions from Nursing to Librarianship

“I went into nursing because of my desire to help people. What I didn’t foresee was the emotional toll it would take on me,” said Sevingy-Killen. “Being faced with illness and death on a daily basis was way too much sadness in my life.

Alum Mattie Taormina Builds Virtual Archive

SLIS alum Mattie Taormina helped Stanford University build its Virtual Archives in Second Life as part of the university’s effort to increase patron access and discovery of the library’s primary sources.