Instructional Tools

Below are instructional tools commonly used by iSchool faculty. For a general overview of the teaching resources available through the iSchool, see software download information on the iSchool website.

See also the Canvas faculty tutorials for help with the LMS.

Go to the Technology Help Resource Center for tech support issues.

Be sure to also check out the resources available through the University e-Campus site; and Software Downloads page where you can obtain Office and Adobe products. You need to use your email address. You can find it by going to the University directory  and entering your last name.



Instructional Software

Audacity: Free open-source audio recorder and editor.

Jing: Free open-source screen capture software that allows you to save and share with students anything on your computer screen.

Panopto: Lecture capture system that allows faculty to record a lecture which is automatically uploaded to the iSchool Panopto server. Faculty can then provide their students with a URL for viewing the lecture. Contact Abigail Laufer to request an account.

VoiceThread: Interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables users to add images, documents, and videos, and to which other users can add voice, text, audio file, or video comments.

WordPress: Free, open-source blogging tool with a content management system. Can be used by faculty for individual and multi-user blogs. Contact Abigail Laufer to request an account.

Communication and Web Conferencing Tools

Zoom Web Conferencing: Communication tool with a variety of capabilities including web, video, audio, and chat conferencing. Most often used for synchronous class sessions or to record lectures that students can access asynchronously. For technical support questions, contact Alfredo Alcantar

Zoom Instant Messenger: Instant messaging tool used by iSchool faculty and students.

Skype: Free, web-based communication tool with a variety of capabilities including web, video, audio, and chat conferencing. Skype can be accessed on your computer, mobile, tablet, TV, or home phone.

iSchoolAlert: The iSchoolAlert notification system used to distribute information to the iSchool community. iSchoolAlert can send email announcements to all iSchool students or can be used to contact iSchool students in a particular geographic area.

Additional Instructional Resources

Server space: For class webpages.

Databases: Available through the iSchool.

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