Course Reserves (online)

The King Library provides students and faculty online reserve readings. The digitized collection is designed to serve the needs of distance education students through increasing accessibility to course material (students enjoy 24-hour access) and saving money on photocopy costs or course reading packet charges.

We primarily use the King Library's E-Reserves service. Note: This service covers only materials owned by the library (either physically or through electronic access).

Please see: Course Reserves.

Fair use: But what about copyright?

At SJSU, we restrict access to the digital library to students who are officially registered. We also ask that faculty use materials already owned by the library. This way, we feel we have already paid royalty to authors and publishers and are merely putting an item on reserve. Faculty should not put up whole books of any kind. However, you may put up any material for which you hold your own copyright such as forms, writings, assignments, etc. You should put a copyright notice on these materials and you can have them deleted at any time from the restricted server.

Capturing web sites is another matter. If an item is freely available, you might just provide a link without a capture. You can always ask permission. Make a site by site decision according to your interpretation of the copyright laws.

If you post student projects as examples, always ask their permission and attribute the work to them with thanks.

The electronic copying and scanning of copyright-protected works for online electronic reserves are unsettled areas of the law that may be addressed by the Supreme Court or in further revision of the copyright law.