Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Big Data certificate curriculum, students will be able to achieve the following Certificate Program Learning Outcomes (CPLO):

Certificate Program Learning Outcomes Description
CPLO 1 Be able to frame Big Data questions, formulate a strategy, and identify applicable technologies and techniques, form a data team, and understand the ethical considerations and risks of Big Data.
CPLO 2 Be able to choose, use, and optimize technologies for loading large-scale data from disparate sources into a Big Data store, for integrating these heterogeneous datasets, as well as for Big Data searching, querying, and analytical processing.
CPLO 3 Be able to analyze, display, communicate, and interpret massive amounts of abstract data effectively and efficiently via visual representations.
CPLO 4 Be able to choose, use, combine, and evaluate techniques and technologies appropriate for different Big Data mining tasks, including supervised and unsupervised learning, link analysis, and recommendation systems.