Collaborate Recordings

If appropriate, students may wish to provide links to recordings of Collaborate sessions as evidence for their e-Portfolio. Please include time markers to identify the relevant portion of the recording. Focus on using the shortest segment that will present your content.

You should hopefully already have the link to the recording, which should have been provided to you by your instructor or your Collaborate Assistant during the semester in which you took the course. It is recommended that all students maintain a list or spreadsheet that tracks the information for all recordings that are candidates for e-Portfolio evidence. If you do not have the link to the recording, please contact Abigail Laufer and provide the date of the recording, the instructor's name, the course number (including the section), and (if known) the name of the original Collaborate session. Important Note: Please submit all requests for recording information at least 10 days before you require the information. To identify the time marker in the recording where your portion begins, play the recording and note the time marker when your selected segment begins.

The School of Information weeds through Collaborate recordings once every two years.

Prior to that, we announce and have available an online form that students can complete and submit in order to request that specific recordings remain available. The form is available for 6 weeks (early May through mid June).

Students wishing to retain specific recordings for use as evidence in their e-Portfolio should complete the request process for those recordings.

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