Nilo Sarraf

Nilo Sarraf Natively, Nilo Sarraf is interested in how humans interact with everything! She is a student of emotional motivation, information retrieval, and sensory cognition. After receiving her Masters of Science in Human Factors, inevitably, her long-term passion in Affective Information Retrieval led her to pursue her PhD degree at SJSU Gateway PhD program.

While pursuing her graduate studies, currently, Nilo works at SAP Labs in Palo Alto as a User Experience Project Manager and Researcher. In addition, she helps give talks and classes at "Interaction Design for Developers" at Hacker Dojo in Mt. View... She also loves writing and, time permitting, she blogs at HotDevz!

You can read more about her thoughts at:

Proposal Title: Affective Search: How do Emotions Affect Search Performance?

San José University Supervisor: Dr. Virginia Tucker

Queensland Supervisors: Dr. Christine Bruce and Dr. Sylvia Edwards


  • BA in Cognitive Psychology and Statistics
  • Masters of Science in Human Factors

Current or Most Recent Position:

  • User Experience Project Manager and Researcher at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, CA