Fees / Tuition

The unique partnership between the San José State University School of Information and Queensland University of Technology provides doctoral students with great value. Students are not required to relocate and do not have to leave their jobs in order to attend this part-time doctoral program. Many students continue working in professional careers while they pursue their doctoral degrees through the San José Gateway PhD program. Some are also sponsored by their employers.

Fees are due to Queensland University of Technology and can be paid on a semester-by-semester basis. Please check for current exchange rates. Fees are reviewed annually. Current annual tuition fees for international students are AUS $16,400 for the 2017 academic year. There is also an initial application fee of AUS $55. 

San José State University receives a portion of these fees for recruitment, telecommuting and teleconferencing costs, and doctoral program maintenance and development. Please note that the program is open to international students only; Australian citizens wishing to apply must pursue the Australian-based domestic student program.

Although this international program does not qualify for USA financial aid, students are eligible to receive a small amount of Queensland University of Technology research support funds. These funds are managed by the QUT supervisor, and the funds are aimed at PhD presentation of research at high-profile conferences to cover costs of producing a survey or other research expenses as approved by the QUT supervisor.