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It's an exciting time to be an information professional. The field of library and information science is rapidly evolving, and the knowledge and skills learned in the graduate programs at the San José State University (SJSU) School of Information are applicable and transferable to numerous career pathways, including librarianship, emerging technologies, information architecture, archival studies, competitive intelligence, and more!

Work Environments

Graduates with a Master's degree in Library and Information Science work in various organizational environments. When asked about the type of organization where they work, during a survey of SJSU iSchool alumni (conducted in January 2014), 27% of survey respondents said they work as an information professional in a non-library environment, in settings such as software companies, the financial services industry, and insurance companies.

Technology Skills

In addition, technology skills are required in today's job market. As presented in the iSchool's Emerging Career Trends for Information Professionals report, employers are looking for job candidates skilled in web programming, digital content management, emerging technologies, user centered design, digital project management, and database management to name a few of the most common skills for emerging jobs in the library and information science field.

Career Opportunities

We realize that the vast choice in career opportunities can overwhelm new students. Many of the career pathways you can pursue at the SJSU School of Information may pique your interest and sound like something you'd like to do as your profession. Our career development resources offer tools, advice, and insight to help you identify the career direction best suited for you personally.

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