Upcoming iSchool Faculty Presentations

  • Blockchain Revolution: What Do RM & IG Professionals Need to Know?
    Date: February 21, 2019
    Presenter(s): Patricia C. Franks
    Link: armaorlando.org
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Comment: Blockchain technology provides immutable records of transactions stored in publicly accessible distributed ledgers. The technology will have a significant impact on the way records are created and managed; therefore, Records Management and Information Governance Professionals must understand the impact blockchain technology can have on their programs and practices.
  • Cultivating Cultural Competence Through Reading and Literature
    Date: July 05, 2019
    Presenter(s): Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran
    Link: booksandpublishing.com
    Location: Granda, Spain
    Comment: This study offers insight into how cultivating cultural competence through reading and literature makes an impact within our communities. Our organizations, schools, libraries, and information centers are hubs of resources for communities. Literature can be the bridge or the outlet for those of difference to help them explore, identify and resolve issues causing resistance and adversity. Becoming immersed in literature is a starting point to understanding and gaining insight about not only your own culture, but other cultures. The research question is how multicultural readings enhance cultural competence and cultural intelligence. The approach is a literature review and meta-analysis. By utilizing literature and reading to help promote cultural competence, we may have a significant impact in a student or patron’s life. An individual becomes immersed in the literature through reading with an open mind, and begins to see aspects of representation within the literature. This leads to a self-awareness of your own culture. Additionally, an individual becomes aware of other representation that is different than their own and may be curious to learn more. The analysis concludes with how this intercultural knowledge and cultural awareness impact our communities.