Evaluation and Assessment #4

4. A process is in place and followed for the assessment of support services for faculty and students.

Deficient    Developing    Accomplished    Exemplary

Support Services include the following areas:

  • Technical (Canvas, Collaborate, and Bb IM) - Most of the technical support for Collaborate and Bb IM is provided by Blackboard. Satisfaction surveys are regularly made available to users of these services. Informal feedback and assessment of the school's support for Canvas is received by school administrators.
  • Administrative - Program administrators review and answer faculty and student questions in this area.
  • Course development and support:
    • T3 series of online faculty workshops and at other training events: assessment is integrated into this series via an evaluation form that each faculty member completes at the end of each session or recording
    • Teaching Online course - a course evaluation is incorporated.
    • Graduating students are asked in exit surveys –each Fall and Spring –to rate satisfaction with and provide feedback on technical and student and administrative support

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