Student Support #13

13 Efforts are made to engage students with the program and institution in order to minimize feelings of isolation and alienation.

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After Admission and Before Class Registration

After students are admitted but before they ever register for classes we aim to connect with prospective students in the following ways

1) A content blog where we post relevant information and welcome admitted students to submit comments

2) Three-five messages sent at intervals between acceptance and the beginning of classes. Messages give information about next steps, registration procedures, and online learning

3) Email communications informing of upcoming events, school news, and admissions processes.

4) Online Registration Workshop that guides the new students through the registration process and provides other tips for getting started.

New Student Checklist

A new student checklist helps students start strong in the program.


From the Associate Director

From the Director and Faculty
A new student orientation is held via a synchronous web conference session each spring and fall semester. It is recorded for later review by those who cannot attend in real time.

From the Student Services Coordinator

First Semester Students

Each student has a peer mentor in Info 203, a required first-semester class.

All Students

We have a full time Student Services Team who are the primary point of contact for administrative questions and procedures.

We also have an Online Student Advisor who helps with advising and runs an extensive advising site on Canvas to which all students are joined.

Each student has access to a team of academic and student services advisors from which to choose in helping with questions related to the requirements and timetable that each student must meet, course work, e-portfolio, and thesis options.

Students also have access to the Graduate Advisor who oversees the advising process and answers questions and deals with complaints. She also talks with prospective students.

In support of students the Graduate Advisor maintains a curriculum blog and answers questions posted there. – iSchool Curriculum Center blog

iSchool Webcasts

Student Associations

American Library Association iSchool Student Chapter

Association for Information Science and Technology Student Chapter at SJSU

Special Libraries Association Student Chapter at iSchool

iSchool Connext (student and alumni association) provides peer support and a variety of events.

Conferences and Receptions

The iSchool runs a booth and reception at many conferences. Students who live in the area where the conference is being held can connect with faculty and staff and each other.


iSchoolAlert is a tool we use to distribute information to all students. Announcements include opportunities for internships, practicums, awards and scholarships.

iSchoolAlert is also used to help build local communities of iSchool students. It allows e-mails to be sent to iSchool students in any particular geographic area. When an activity such as a library tour, a conference reception, or a professional event is scheduled, an alert can be e-mailed to all iSchool students within a defined radius (up to 100 miles).

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