Student Scholarships and Student and Alumni Networking Committee

Committee Members

  • Cheryl Stenstrom (Chair)
  • Mary Bolin
  • Michelle Chen
  • Lisa Daulby
  • MaryAnn Harlan
  • Alyce Scott
  • Virginia Tucker
  • Kristina Luna
  • Nicole Purviance
  • Roffna Principe
  • Ann Agee (Part-time Faculty representative)
  • Maria Otero-Boisvert (Part-time Faculty representative)
  • Kim Partanen (Alumni representative)
  • Lindsay McNutt (Student representative)


  • Develop criteria for awards and scholarships
  • Recommend students for awards and scholarships
  • Work with the technology team to develop videos and promotional materials that can be used to promote student scholarship winners
  • Increase opportunities for students and alumni to network and communicate
  • Build relationships outside of the School (within the University, in the Silicon Valley, other national and global relationships)