Job Search Readiness Quiz

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Think you are ready for the job search? Take a quiz to test your job search readiness and see how you rank.

  1. Should you customize your resume for every job posting? Y or N
  2. Should you include the statement “References Available upon Request” at the bottom of your resume? Y or N
  3. How many different fonts are recommended to use on your resume? 1, 2, or 3
  4. Is it recommended to start your cover letter with the greeting, “Dear Sir or Madam” when you don’t have a specific name? Y or N
  5. Is it OK if your resume exceeds one page? Y or N
  6. Can you ask the interviewer to pay for your parking? Y or N
  7. Is using the internet your best job search strategy? Y or N
  8. Is it advisable to ask questions in the interview? Y or N
  9. Is a phone screen considered a ‘real’ interview? Y or N
  10. Should you include your references when you apply for a job? Y or N

Bonus question: Is it acceptable to include a personal picture or a logo on your resume and/or cover letter? Y or N


  1. Yes. Each resume that you send out should be tailored, targeted, and customized for the job you are applying to. This demonstrates to employers that you have researched the position that you are applying for and that you have the basic qualifications and skills the employer is seeking.
  2. No. This statement is not needed at the bottom of your resume. When an employer wants your references, they will ask for them. Use this space on your resume instead for another accomplishment statement about WHAT you can do.
  3. It is recommended to use only one font style on your resume in order to keep the page looking clean and professional without appearing busy and distracting.
  4. No. When in doubt, use the greeting ‘Dear Hiring Manager’ or ‘Dear Search Committee’ on your cover letter.
  5. Yes. If you have enough solid and relevant experience to have a two page resume, that is OK. A good rule of thumb is to let your experience determine the length of your resume without exceeding two pages.
  6. No. It is absolutely unacceptable to ask the interviewer to pay for your parking.
  7. No. Using the internet is just one of your job search strategies. The best strategy is networking and connecting with people. Research shows that about 75% of the jobs that people get are from some form of networking.
  8. Yes. It is absolutely advisable to ask questions during the interview. In fact, you want to have questions prepared ahead of time and written down so you don’t forget them. This demonstrates that you are prepared and interested in the position.
  9. Yes. The phone screen is considered a real interview and therefore you should prepare for it as such. Practice answering interview questions out loud, have questions to ask the interviewer and be prepared to make a strong first impression using only your voice and your words.
  10. No. You do not send your references as part of your application packet unless the employer has specifically asked for them.

Bonus: No. It is not advisable to include photos or logos on a resume or cover letter. Focus on keeping your documents clean and professional.

So how did you rank? 8-10 correct = You are job search ready; 5-7 correct = You are almost job search ready. Please review the Career Development section on slisweb to brush-up; 4 or less correct = Sorry. You are not job search ready. Review the Career Development section on slisweb to brush-up AND contact me for assistance.

All of these questions were from SLIS students. Please feel free to comment or ask additional questions.


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