INFO 284 Course Information

Seminar in Archives and Records Management
Topics: Manuscript Genres
Course Information

Dr. Linda Main

Due to the online access now widely available there is an increasing fascination with medieval manuscripts.

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This eight-week course will focus on medieval manuscript genres. Students will have the opportunity to focus on a genre selected from:

  • Books of Hours
  • Medieval Maps
  • Marginalia
  • Bestiaries (animals)
  • Medieval Music

We will look at a medieval manuscript as a physical artifact laden with numerous “clues” about the society that made it, one that tells a story about its makers and readers and their world.
We will examine:

  • Literacy and the implications of medieval reading practices for the study of medieval books
  • The special importance of the book in Christianity
  • The relationship between images and texts and the ways in which the figural and ornamental decoration contribute to the meaning and function of the manuscript within specific theological, liturgical, devotional, institutional and ideological contexts.

The assignments will focus on ways to make medieval manuscripts interesting and relevant in the 21st century. They will focus on fun and innovative ways to teach about early manuscripts and the assignments should act as evidence for comps J and K.