Blackboard Collaborate IM - Tutorials

Students and Faculty

Click the links below to listen to videos on the specified topics. Closed captioning is available by clicking on the cc icon at the upper left of the video interface.

  • Downloading [2 minutes]
  • Introduction [8 minutes]
    • What is Bb IM
    • What is the tab structure
    • Customizing contacts tab (groups, adding classmates, and adding new Bb IM users).
    • Review of Classmates and School
  • Customizing [6 minutes]
    • Review custom preference settings (highlighting all settings, especially alerts and profile).
    • Account settings (reveal/hide classes)
  • Communication [13 minutes]
    • Methods of communication (one-on-one, introduce office hour)
    • Tools (audio, video, follow the speaker)
  • Collaboration [12 minutes]
    • Review starting a session
    • Uploading a PowerPoint to the Whiteboard
    • Using the Application Share
    • Showing a web tour
  • Web Conferencing [5 minutes]
    • Review starting a web conference session from Bb IM
    • How to invite classmates and guests
    • How and where to retrieve recordings once session is completed
  • Joining Office Hours [5 minutes]

Faculty Only