RealPlayer Download and Setup


Instructions for downloading and setting up RealPlayer

These instructions will guide you through the process of downloading and setting up the latest version of RealPlayer, a free media player for Windows and Mac OS X. The latest versions of this program as of Summer 2010 are RealPlayer SP 1.1 for Windows and RealPlayer SP 1.0 for Mac OS X.

  1. Visit the appropriate RealPlayer download page:

    1. Windows users: go to
    2. Mac OS X users: go to
  2. Download the RealPlayer installation file/application.

    1. Click or key the “RealPlayer SP Free Download” link.
    2. Your system will ask whether you want to run/save the file or cancel your action. Save the file.
      1. Windows users:

        The file will be called “RealPlayerGold.exe” — this is a <1 MB executable (.exe) file that downloads and installs RealPlayer on your system.

      2. Mac OS X users:

        The file will be called “RealPlayerSP.dmg” — this is a ~25 MB Apple Disk Image (.dmg) file that contains the compressed application.

  3. Locate and run the RealPlayer installation file/application.

    1. Windows users:

      Find and run the executable file you just downloaded (RealPlayerSPGold.exe) to start the RealPlayer installer. The installer will download the RealPlayer program files and automatically begin the setup process when the download is complete.

    2. Mac OS X users:

      1. Find and open the file you just downloaded (RealPlayerSP.dmg). This will open a window containing the RealPlayer application.
      2. Drag the RealPlayer application icon into your Applications folder (or another location of your choice).
      3. Run the RealPlayer application to start the setup process.
  4. Work through the RealPlayer setup process.

    1. RealPlayer setup will ask you to accept an end user license agreement. If you want to proceed, accept the license agreement.
    2. RealPlayer setup will give you the choice to customize how RealPlayer set up on your system or to accept the default settings. Advanced users may want to change settings; we recommend that inexperienced users accept the defaults. Click or key the “Next” button to proceed through the setup process.
    3. RealPlayer setup will ask to close your web browser so it can install the RealPlayer browser plugin. Let RealPlayer setup automatically close your browser windows (or close them manually), and click or key “OK” to proceed.

You will now have the latest version of RealPlayer and the RealPlayer browser plugin on your system. If you experience problems using RealPlayer, try the following: