Around the web: Nostalogia is our friend

Published: December 08, 2017 by Katie Kuryla

Nostalgia is strong these days. We have remakes, reboots, and modern television portraying different eras in their shows. As we watch these movies and television shows that are reminding us of the ‘60s or the ‘80s, there is something magical happening to the behind the scenes and sources that are providing what we are watching.

If you are a fan of the show Stranger Things, you’ve seen the camera styles from different movies like Jurassic Park, ‘80s stars have graced our screens in fun roles, and the items that make up the era in the background. In the first episode of the show’s second season, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) is wearing a purple hoodie that features a logo from the Science Museum of Minnesota. The hoodie was first available in the early 1980s from the museum’s Explore Store. Costume designer Kim Wilcox found the original sweatshirt “online, while hunting for period inspiration.”



A social media follower had tipped off the Science Museum about the sweatshirt’s appearance and since then the museum was bombarded with phone calls, emails,  and social media posts who wanted the vintage sweater. The employees decided to resell the sweater and produce shirts and crewnecks as well. They sent out a press release regarding that their shirts and hoodies would be available online and in store on Tuesday, November 7 and there would be limited qualities.

What the Science Museum didn’t expect was that after opening sales online, the website crashed. The web traffic crashed the website It was back before the morning was over and by the end of the day they had sold 10,000 items for a total haul of $400,000. The store was sold out by noon. All the proceeds went to the Science Museum’s mission.

It is great to see how a show is making awareness to museums, libraries, and archives. It is a great opportunity connecting a popular show and showing kids today as well as fans that things like science and history are fun. Thanks to the Duffer Brothers enthusiasm of keeping things as ‘80s as possible, fans are graced with vintage clothing and items that help boost morale at all kinds of institutions.  


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